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Jakob Andersson receives a prize from The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, writes UNT.

Abdulaziz Y. Lodhi has published a review essay in Coastweek: Zanzibar Revolution Revisited.

Torbjörn Westerlund has an article in the web edition of the student paper Ergo about his work of describing an unknown aboriginal language (in Swedish).

Beata Megyesi appears in Finnish TV1 and talks about her research on historical ciphers.

Heinz Werner Wessler has written (in Swedish) Sverigebilder i Indien in the net publication Sydasien.

Helena Löthman is interviewed on a radio programme from Bildningsbyrån (UR) about Chinese women and their life, Drömmar med förhinder.

Bromand Heshmati and Carina Jahani have translated Mahmoud Doulatabadi's travelogue from Balochistan. See also aktuellt (in Swedish).

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