Department Board and Regulation Documents

The department is led by a board with the Head of Department as Chairman. The board also comprises elected representatives for the staff and student corporations. The board – among other things – decides on the internal organization of the department, the budget, and strategies concerning workplace environment and equal opportunities.

Department Board Composition 2020–2021

Model F: Head of department, 6 teachers, 1 TA staff, 3 students


Hans Svensson (chairman, head of department)


Mats Dahllöf (vice chairman, deputy head of department)
Birsel Karakoç
László Károly
Helena Löthman
Mats Dahllöf
Harald Hammarström
Lena Rydholm
Ute Bohnacker
David Westberg
Technical-administrative staff
Johan Heldt Jenny Rahbeck
Student representatives
Philipp Rönchen (doctoral student)
Ottilia Andersson (student)

Working committees

Board of supervisors
Ute Bohnacker, Eleanor Coghill, Eric Cullhed, Mats Dahllöf, Michael Dunn, Joakim Enwall, Gerd Haverling, Harald Hammarström, Forogh Hashabeiky, Christer Henriksén, Carina Jahani, Birsel Karakoç, László Károly, Béata Megyesi, Anette Månsson, Ingela Nilsson, Joakim Nivre, Gail Ramsay, Lena Rydholm, Anju Saxena, Christiane Schaefer, Sara Stymne, Heinz Werner Wessler, Mahmut Ağbaht (doctoral student representative), Klara Bertils (doctoral student representative, substitute).

Committee for pedagogical issues
Niklas Edenmyr (chairman), Jakob Andersson, Mats Dahllöf, Harald Hammarström, Forogh Hashabeiky, Christer Henriksén, Carina Jahani, Birsel Karakoç, Helena Löthman, Anette Månsson, Anju Saxena, Christiane Schaefer, Sina Tezel, David Westberg, Xinzheng Wan, Sarah Ericsson (student representative).

Committee for course plans
Niklas Edenmyr (chairman), Birsel Karakoç, Helena Löthman, Dolores Kawalec (student representative). Doctoral student representative is vacant.

Committee for equal opportunities
Fredrik Wahlberg (chairman), members to be decided.

Committee for work environment and occupational health
Hans Svensson (chairman), Anna Clara Laajoki (HR generalist), Johan Heldt (skyddsombud), Anju Saxena, Birsel Karakoç, Christiane Schaefer, Gerd Haverling, Sara Stymne, Ute Bohnacker, Xinzheng Wan, Johan Ljungberg.


Equal Rights Officer
Birsel Karacoç

Safety Officer
Johan Heldt

Environmental Officer
Harald Hammarström

Fire Protection Officer
Niklas Edenmyr

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