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Registration in Ladok or through a roll call?

You should be able to see on the course page in Studium how to register for your course.

If the course starts in January and has registration in Ladok you have to register on January 15 at the lates to be sure keep your spot on the course.

If the course is one where registration takes place at the first class you have to attend that class, or contact the main techer before the course starts to be sure to keep your spot in the course. You can find the teacher's name and email on the course page in Studium.

If the course you are accepted to is a thesis- or an trainee (internship) course you need to contact the teacher to be registered. Please make contact well in advance to ensure your thesis subject or internship is accepted by the department.

Waiting list?

If you are placed on a waiting list you can not register to the course, neither in Ladok nor in the classroom. You need to first wait to receive an email from us confirming your acceptance and stipulating the mode of registration.

Please observe that not all who are placed on a waiting list will be accepted. We accept students in placement order until the course is full and it is too late to begin your studies.


If you already have been registered to a course (and not withdrawn within three weeks of starting) you can no be accepted to that same course again. You can, however, be re-registered as long as there are spots available. That means that if a course is close to being full, we have to prioritise newly accepted students, including those on the waiting list, before we can re-register you.

Our policy is to, when possible, offer one (1) chance at re-registering. Further re-registrations will only be possible if a student has special reasons.

Apply for re-registration on this form
You turn in the form either to the Student Office or to your teacher.

Last modified: 2022-12-16