Information regarding time and location for exams can be found in the Ladok.

Register for the exam

You must register to be eligible to take an exam, even a re-sit. You register via Ladok no later than two weeks prior to the exam date. When you register, you will receive an anonymous code that is to be written on your exam.

If you have not registered for an exam, you will not be permitted to take it.

If you no longer have access to Ladok, you may contact the Course Administration.

Be prompt!

Examinations begin at the exact time listed in the schedule with no academic quarter. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to participate in the examination.

Once the examination has begun, you will not be permitted to leave until after the first 45 minutes have passed. This is true even if you wish to turn in a "blank" exam. No one is allowed to leave the test hall without submitting their answers.

Things to bring

You need to bring your own writing utencils, such as a pencil and eraser. Paper is provided in the examination hall. Outerwear and bags are not permitted by the desks, but can be stowed away in lockers outside of the examination hall or placed in the examination hall in a designated place. Cell phones must be turned off and placed in the bags.

You must show a valid photo-ID. This is true for both oral and written examinations.

You are allowed to bring food and/or drinks into the examination hall. Remember not to bring any food items that could cause problems for people with airborne allergies.

Additional information

Examinations are only given on the dates specified in the schedule.

Results can be seen in Ladok. If you still have an active student account, you should also receive an automatic email stating that a grade has been reported.

Degree papers at the C-, D- and Master's level are archived. The majority of other exams are left at the Departmental Office to be picked up by the students. Exams that have not been picked up within two years of the examination are destroyed.

It is not possible to appeal a grade, however you may contact the course teacher to discuss the way in which the exam was graded. If you suspect that the teacher has forgotten to grade a particular question or has counted the points incorrectly, you may request a copy of your exam and bring it to the teacher.

A re-sit examination close to the original examination date is provided for the those students who do not pass the original examination. Re-sits for courses offered during the spring term usually are in August.

Last modified: 2023-05-17