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Schedules fall 2022

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Schedules fall 2022

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DISTANce courses

Ancient Near East: Introduction
Arabic, Basic Course II: Oral and Written Proficiency
Aramaic/Syriac: A Semitic Language (semester 1/2)
Aramaic/Syriac A (semester 1/2)
Aramaic/Syriac C (semester 1/2)

Balochi A
Basic Course in Syriac
Biblical Aramaic
Biblical Hebrew I
Biblical Hebrew Prose

Chinese Academic Text
Chinese History and Culture
Chinese History and Culture (Master's level)

Hebrew: A Semitic Language (semester 1/2)
Hebrew A (semester 1/2)
Hindi A1 (semester 2/2)
Hindi A
Hindi C
Hindi 3
History of the Turkic Peoples

Introduction to Hindi
Introductory Course in Southern Kurdish (Sorani)

Languages of South Asia: Hindi 1

Optional Language: Turkish 1

Persian Texts

The Religions, History, and Cultural History of India
Turkish: Basic Course
Turkish Languages 1

Trainee- and abroad courses

These courses don't have classroom teaching. Contact the course director to plan for and register to the course.

Applied Kurdish: Studies in a Kurdish Speaking Country
Chinese D3
Internship 1 in Semitic Languages
Internship 2 in Semitic Languages
Internship 1 in Greek
Internship 1 in Turkic Languages
Internship 2 in Turkic Languages
Internship in Turkic Languages
Internship in Turkic Languages/Turkish
Turkic Languages 3A

CAMPUS courses

Akkadian Grammar and Cuneiform: A Historical Semitic Language
Ancient Near East: Archaeology and Art
Ancient Near East: Introduction
Ancient Greek and Byzantine Historiography
Arabic: A Semitic Language
Arabic A
Arabic C
Arabic 3
Arabic Media Texts
Assyriology A
Assyriology C

Bachelor's Thesis in Turkic Languages

Chinese A, half speed (semester 2/2) 
Chinese A 
Chinese C 
Chinese D2 with independent project 
Classical Arabic Texts and Classical Grammar
Comparative Indo-European Linguistics A
Comparative Turkology: Siberian Turkic Languages
Current Topics in Digital Philology
Current Trends in Greek Philology
Current Trends in Greek Philology 2
Current Trends in Linguistics
Current Trends in Turkic Linguistics

Data Visualisation and Statistics for Language Sciences

Functional Grammar II

Greek A
Greek C
Greek C with Specialisation in Byzantine Studies
Greek and Byzantine Studies: Degree Project

Hindi 5
Historical Linguistics
History of Chinese Literature 
History of Chinese Literature (Master's level)
History of the Near East and the Arab World
History of the Turkic Languages

Independent Study in Turkic Linguistics and Philology
Indo-European Languages: From India to Iceland
Indology C
Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics
Introduction to Sanskrit

Kurdish A

Language Technology: Research and Development
Languages of the World
Latin A
Latin C
Latin Epigraphy and Textual Criticism
Latinsk Grammar
Latin Language History
Latin Poetry of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Empire I
Latin Poetry of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Empire II
Latin Prose and Poetry of the Later Roman Period
Latin Prose and Poetry of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
Latin Prose and Poetry of the Pre-Classical Roman Period
Latin Prose of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Empire I
Latin Prose of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Empire II
Latin: Degree Project
Linguistic Theory and Method
Linguistics: Bachelor's Thesis
Linguistics: Master's Thesis
Linguistics A
Linguistics C
Linguistics I 
Linguistics II

Machine Translation
Master's Thesis in Turkic Languages
Mathematics for Language Technologists
Modern Arabic Texts with Grammar and Language Proficiency
Modern Arabic Literature with Styles and Genres 

Natural Language Processing

Old Turkic Philology
Optional Language: Kurdish 1 (Sorani)
Optional Lanuage: Persian 1

Persian A
Persian C
Persian 3
Persian 5
Persian Literature
Persian Factual Prose and Other Media Texts
Phonetics I
Political History of the Iranian Cultural Realm
Programming for Language Technologists I

Sanskrit A
Second Language Acquisition
Social Structures in the Orient
Swahili, Introductory Course
Swahili A (semester 1/2)
Swahili B (semester 1/2)
Swahili Literature
Syntax of the World's Languages

Turkic Languages 3
Turkic Languages 3B
Turkic Languages 5B
Turkic Linguistics

Written and Spoken Swahili

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