Applications, Admissions, and Registration

Applications (Anmälan)

Applications to our courses and programs are made through the website:

For International Master's programs, such as the Master's Program in Language Technology, please use the website: Please note that there are different deadlines for the international admissions round than for the national admissions round.

Conditionally Admitted (Antagen med villkor)

The eligibility requirements associated with a specific course are stipulated in the course plan (kursplan). In order to be admitted to a course, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements. If you are conditionally admitted to a course or program, you will need to provide proof that you meet these requirements prior to course start. If you are conditionally admitted to a course that was ranked as your highest priority on the admissions website, you may not be admitted to courses that you ranked with a lower priority. If you then fail to meet the eligiblity requirements, you may be left without a study alternative. It is therefore important that you only apply for those courses where you are certain to meet the eligibility requirements.

Registration (Registrering)

In order to begin your studies at the Department of Linguistics and Philology, you need to be admitted and registered. Registration can be over the web (webregistrering) or an enrollment meeting (upprop). If you do not register, or do not contact us in advance, you may lose your spot on the course. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you cannot be registered.

Our A-level courses typically have an enrollment meeting prior to the start of term. Information regarding where to find the place and time for the enrollment meeting for your course can be found in your admissions letter.

Many of our continuation courses allow you to register via the Student Portal. Other courses allow you to sign up at the first lecture or by submitting a Registration Applicaiton available at our reception desk.

Please note that you must be registered in order to participate in class lectures and seminars and examinations.

Un-register / Re-register (Avregistrering/Omregistrering)

If you need to terminate your studies, please notify the student reception at or to the course teacher - preferably as soon as possible. If you have been formally unregistered, you will be able to apply for the course in a later application round (via

Un-registering from a course must be done within the first three weeks from course start. After three weeks you may still choose to terminate your studies, but this will be registered as a withdrawal from the course (avbrott på kursen). This means that you will not be able to re-apply for the course, but you will be able to request to be re-registered (omregistrerad) later. Re-registration is only allowed if there are still spots available on the course after the normal admissions period is over and students applying for the first time have been offered a spot on the course.

Late Application (Sen anmälan)

If you have not applied for a course in the regular admissions round  (April 15th for studies in the fall, October 15th for studies in the spring), you may still be able to make a late application via Not all courses are available for late applications, and the fact that a course is available for late application does not guarantee that there are still spots available in the course. Late applications are reviewed if time allows and then ranked according to the time when the application was made. Place guarantee never applies to late applications.

Continuing your studies

In order to advance to the next level (from A to B, from B to C, etc.) in your studies, it is essential that you meet the eligibility requirements. This is even true for students who are enrolled within a program.