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Current information regarding the corona virus situation

The fall semester 2020 teaching and exams will mainly be given on campus, with adaptations to ensure social distancing. Some classes may also be given online. You can find information about schedule and adaptations for your course in Studentportalen before the firts class. If anything is unclear or if you have further questions about adaptations and campus/online teaching you can contact the course director.

Read more on the university web page recommendations on coronavirus.

Re-take exams before the fall semester

 We give a number of re-take exams in August. 

Re-take exams in august
14/8-22/8 Kinas historia och kultur Hemtenta
14/8-21/8 Språket, individen och samhället Hemtenta
15/8 Kinesiska B, Textkurs 4 Distanstenta
15/8 Kinesiska A, Textkurs 2 Distanstenta
19/8 Latin B, Latinsk poesi Salstenta
19/8-23/8 Bibelhebreiska I Hemtenta
21/8-29/8 Kina idag Hemtenta
21/8-28/8 Världens språk Hemtenta
25/8 Arabiska A, A1+A2 Salstenta
28/8 Litteraturvetenskaplig teori och metod Salstenta
29/8 Kinesiska A, Textkurs 1 Distanstenta
29/8 Persiska B, Persiska texter Salstenta
5/9 Kinesiska B, Textkurs 3 Distanstenta

Register for the exams in Studentportalen if possible, otherwise contact info@lingfil.uu.se to register.

New Student?

Welcome to the Department of Linguistics and Philology!

Registration for most of our courses takes place in Studentportalen/Ladok. To register for thesis projects and trainee courses, you need to contact the course director. You can find the details for your course on the course page in the Student Portal. There you can also find time for the registration meeting, schedule, contact information for teachers and other helpful information.

You can find links to the course pages on the page Aktuella scheman (in Swedish). You can also use the search function in the Student Portal.

Should you have questions about your studies, contact us at info@lingfil.uu.se or call the Departmental office during opening hours.

Study Abroad

Would you like to study abroad? As a student at our Department, you have the opportunity to study one or two terms at one of our partner universities. We work with the Erasmus+ Programme within Europe but also have several agreements with universtities outside of Europe, such as Iran or China.

Study Abroad