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The Departmental Office is closed 20th of March. Please email us on info@lingfil.uu.se if you need our help.

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Welcome to the Department of Linguistics and Philology!

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Information about registration.

  • You can find links to our current schedules on the page Current courses.
  • You can also access your courses directly in the course portal Studium.
  • On the Student Gateway you will find everything you need to register and get started on your studies.

Should you have questions about your studies, contact us at info@lingfil.uu.se or call the Departmental office during opening hours.

Support for Students

The University offers many different kinds of support and services for students, like student counseling, it-support, and so on. Some services are available to all students, and some are reserved for students who apply for them.

Support that is open for everyone are, for example, speech-to-text and spell checking tools. Read more and download them through the page Support for all students.

On Support and services you can find a compilation of different kinds of services offered by the university.

Support for disabilities

The university also offers targeted support for students with disabilities.


The Language Workshop
The Student Health Center
Student Unions
University Chaplains

Study Abroad

Would you like to study abroad? As a student at our Department, you have the opportunity to study one or two terms at one of our partner universities. We work with the Erasmus+ Programme within Europe but also have several agreements with universtities outside of Europe, such as Iran or China.

Study Abroad

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