UPPLADOC – Uppsala Language Documentation Group

The Uppsala Language Documentation Group (UPPLADOC) provides a platform for scholars at Uppsala University dealing with various matters of language documentation and language description. UPPLADOC further seeks to initiate and support language documentation activities at the Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University.

The UPPLADOC team will contribute to a range of scientific questions on language documentation, fieldwork methodology and linguistic diversity in general.

Toward the aim of broadening methodological training (especially as it concerns
novel technologies and sustainability/revitalization activities), cooperation and network
ties, and increasing the volume of language documentation being carried out, the
Uppladoc team will propose the following activities for the academic year 2018/2019:

  1. A university-wide seminar series on language documentation and description
  2. An international workshop on fieldwork methodology and modern advances of technology in language documentation
  3. Fieldwork stipends for MA/PhD-level students at the faculty

Members of the team:

  • Olle Kejonen, Modern Languages, Saamic languages, coordinator
  • Niklas Edenmyr, Linguistics and Philology, East African languages, coordinator
  • László Károly, Linguistics and Philology, Turkic languages
  • Harald Hammarström, Linguistics and Philology, Papuan languages and language
  • Eleanor Coghill, Linguistics and Philology, Neo-Aramaic languages and Arabic
  • Rogier Blokland, Modern Languages, Uralic languages
  • Anju Saxena, Linguistics and Philology, South Asian languages
  • Michael Dunn, Linguistics and Philology, linguistic typology and phylogenetics
  • Birsel Karakoç, Linguistics and Philology, Turkic languages
  • Carina Jahani, Linguistics and Philology, Iranian languages
  • Robert Borges, Hugo Valentin Centre, Sociolinguistics and Language


László Károly
Email: Laszlo.Karoly@lingfil.uu.se
Telephone: 018-471 1089
Visiting address: Engelska parken, Thunbergsv. 3 H
Postal address: Box 635, 751 26 UPPSALA

Last modified: 2022-06-03