Current Research Projects

Clause combining and the Biblical Hebrew verbal system: A monograph project

Researcher: Bo Isaksson. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2016).

The Development of the begadkefat in Surayt/Turoyo. In comparison with Early Attested Aramaic Languages and other Neo-Aramaic languages

Researcher: Sina Tezel. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2014-2016).

Literary activism in Egyptian blogs.

Monograph titled Blogs & Literature & Activism: Popular Egyptian blogs and literature in touch (in press, 2017) emanating from research project titled “The Nature and Impact of the Arabic Blogosphere: What kind of publics? Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2010-2012).

Researchers: Gail Ramsay (Uppsala University) and Kristina Riegert (Stockholm University). 

Arabic literary imaginaries in environmental humanities.

Ecocritical research.

Researchers: Gail Ramsay (Uppsala University) and Tetz Rooke (Gothenburg University).

Memories for life: Materiality and Memory of Ancient Near Eastern Inscribed Private Objects

A combined philological and archaeological investigation into inscribed objects from the cuneiform cultures of the Ancient Near East, in particular those which were commissioned by non-royal individuals in the time span 2800 BCE–100 CE.

Researchers: Jakob Andersson (Uppsala University), Christina Tsouparopoulou (Cambridge), Seraina Nett (Uppsala University), Rune Rattenborg (Uppsala University), Nancy Highcock (Research Associate, Cambridge), Silvia Ferreri (Research Assistant, Cambridge), Nils Melin Kronsell (Research Assistant, Uppsala).

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