Fieldwork in Anthropology and Linguistics (FAL)

General Description

The network FAL: Fieldwork in Anthropology and Linguistics seeks to bring together researchers — primarily anthropologists and linguists — for whom fieldwork is a fundamental component. The world hosts an immense diversity of both cultures as well as languages, the bulk of which are rapidly disappearing in the globalized world. Hence, it is a matter of urgency that they be documented before they will be lost forever. Descriptive fieldwork is the main modus operandi and it needs to be done efficiently, ethically and dynamically responding to a changing world, especially as it concerns technological developments and the COVID-pandemic. The FAL network will enable scholars one of discipline to learn from experiences of fieldwork in the other discipline(s) in a systematic way covering ethics, areal specialization, technology and COVID.


  • To mutually educate linguists and anthropologists of each other’s work with indigenous speaker communities. In the long term, this promises the beneficiary to do the work of his/her own discpline more effectively, and to make use of — and contribute to — the other’s.
  • To broaden methodological training, especially as it concerns novel technologies and sustainability/revitalization activities
  • To strengthen network ties between the departments, especially for junior scholars
  • Increasing the amount of fieldwork carried out


Seminar Series

We organize a regular seminar series that brings together relevant topics in Linguistic and Anthropological data collection.

Upcoming Events

  • Event : Monday 17-05-2021 15:15–17:15
    • Rosa de Jorio (University of North Florida)
    • Maggie Glass (University of Limerick)


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Past Events

  • Kickoff event : Thursday 18-03-2021 14:15–16:15


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  • Event for student fieldworkers : Thursday 08-04-2021 14:15–16:15


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Support for Fieldwork Activities

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International Workshop

We will organize at least one thematic international workshop. Details will be announced as they become clear.


  • Harald Hammarström
  • Sten Hagberg
  • Maja Robbers
  • László Károly
  • Robert Borges
Last modified: 2021-04-27