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Research at the Department

The Department of Linguistics and Philology carries out research within a broad selection of linguistic subjects. It is home to African and Asiatic languages and cultures, to the European classical languages, and to Linguistics and Computational Linguistics (Language Technology).

The research subjects at the department are: Assyriology, Sinology (Chinese), Computational Linguistics, Greek and Byzantine Studies, Indology and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics, Iranian Languages, Latin, Linguistics, Semitic Languages  and Turkic Languages.

Research Forums

The department has three affiliated forums, research environments aimed at strengthening the position of a subject at the university. The forums are either directly subordinate to the department or represent a cooperation between a few departments at the university.

In addition to these, there are a few interdisciplinary networks and research environments with a focus on a particular subject area.

Language development projects

Doctoral Studies

A nailed thesis

At the Department of Linguistics and Philology we offer third cycle studies (Doctoral studies) in nine subject areas.

Doctoral studies will enable you to become an expert in your area, work independently and think critically.

You will develop both practical and theoretical skills and will have a broad knowledge in your subject. Doctoral studies will prepare you for qualified work tasks in trade and industry, public management and higher education.

How does one apply for admission to doctoral studies?

The research school Early Languages, Digital Philology (DigPhil) is a cooperation between the universities of Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala funded by the Swedish Research Council 2023-2027.

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