Translating Antiquity

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken 2-0024
  • Föreläsare: MATTHEW REYNOLDS (Oxford), RACHEL MAIRS (Reading)
  • Arrangör: Ingela Nilsson
  • Kontaktperson: Milan Vukasinovic
  • Konferens

AGORA in collaboration with Greek and Byzantine Studies and the Retracing Connections Programme (RJ) invite you to a symposium on the translatability of Antiquity: the various ways in which ancient culture has been transmitted, adapted and transformed throughout the ages.

10.00   Paula Henrikson (Uppsala), ‘Reframing the epic: Linnea Axelsson’s Ædnan

10.30   Moa Ekbom (Göteborg), ‘Aeneas eats pickles: Vergil as the founder of Ukrainian literature’

11.00   Coffee

11.30   Thomas Sjösvärd (Uppsala), ‘Disfiguring the mirage: Sparta and Alcman in Swedish literature 1960–2020’

12.00   Brian Møller Jensen (Stockholm), ‘Jim Morrison on Oedipus, Dionysus and other ancient Greeks’

12.30   Lunch

14.00   Antonios Pontoropoulos (Rome), ‘Letters in the Alexander Romance: Late antique and Byzantine receptions’

14.30   Robin Wahlsten Böckerman (Stockholm), ‘The medieval mutation of the Trojan heroes’

15.00   Coffee

15.30   Markus Samuel Haselbeck (Leuven), ‘Icyene and Greek culture between translation, non-translation, and gender dynamics’

16.00   Lilli Hölzlhammer (Uppsala), ‘Alexander’s conquest of Japan: Translating an ancient hero in the Japanese Fate-Franchise’

16.45   Concluding discussion and drinks