Workshop on typological profiles of language families of South Asia

Uppsala University
15-16 Sept 2016
Location: Gustavianum (Auditorium Minus)

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Uppsala is located 40 minutes north of Stockholm. Uppsala can easily be reached from the four airports in the area.

The organisers cannot take responsibility for late schedule changes or price changes. For updates, please check the airport websites.

Upon arrival at Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport, Stockholm website

Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport is located between Uppsala and Stockholm, 36 km south of Uppsala.

Please visit the airport website for information about travelling between Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Uppsala.

Upon arrival at Stockholm-Bromma Airport, Stockholm • website

Stockholm-Bromma airport is located 9 km west of Stockholm Central Station and 70 km south of Uppsala. The airport bus runs between Bromma airport and Stockholm city bus terminal, next to the central station.

Please visit the airport website for information about travelling between Bromma Airport and Stockholm Central station.

From Stockholm Central Station to Uppsala Central Station:
• Frequency: 2 trains per hour from 6 am to 11 pm.
• Journey time: 40 minutes.
• Cost: about SEK 80 (approximately EUR 8).
• Ticket Desk: you buy your ticket from a ticket desk in the main hall of the station or from a ticket-vending machine on the platform.

Upon arrival at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport, city of Nyköping • website

Stockholm-Skavsta airport is located 110 km south of Stockholm Central Station and 177 km south of Uppsala.
Airport shuttle buses run between Skavsta Airport and Stockholm Central Station.

Please visit the airport website for information about travelling between Stockholm-Skavsta Airport and Stockholm Central station.

Upon arrival at Stockholm-Västerås Airport, city of Västerås website

Västerås airport is located 77 km west of Uppsala.

If you need directions from Stockholm-Västerås Airport to Uppsala, please contact the conference secretariat:

Uppsala - the university city

Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest city with a population of 190 000 inhabitants. Unique cultural treasures and an exciting history are to be found in the city of knowledge and inspiration. Uppsala has retained its small-town charm while offering a big city's selection of shops, restaurants and other entertainment.

Uppsala has many historical attractions. Among the most famous are:

• Uppsala cathedral, the largest cathedral in Scandinavia.
• One of Sweden's eldest botanical gardens
• A unique anatomical theatre built in the 1600's
• The Linnaeus Garden
• Uppsala Castle from the mid-1500's

However, Uppsala is not only known for its traditions. Today Uppsala is a dynamic industrial and commercial city where knowledge, ideas and entrepreneurship are at the centre. The city's geographical location with only 30 minutes to Stockholm-Arlanda international airport and 40 minutes to Stockholm has made Uppsala an attractive place for meetings.

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