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    Douglas, Samuel

    Scripta Imagine: Buildings, Transformations, and Rhetorical Ekphrasis in Statius’ Silvae

    Open access
  • Nilsson, Alexander

    Evidentiality in Tajik

    Open access
  • Eliasson, Pär

    Towards a New Language: Christology in Early Modern Marathi, Konkani, and Hindustani

    Open access
  • Hällzon, Patrick

    Languages of healing: Theories, practice and terminology within Eastern Turki medicine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

    Open access
  • Sixtensson, Fredrik

    Dēmokratia: The Prehistory of a Word in Relation to the Greek Typology of Constitutions

    Open access
  • Lundin, Emil

    Media Arabic Grammar and Semantics. Clauses and non-core elements: A corpus investigation of print hard news

    Open access
  • Nuorluoto, Tuomo

    Roman Female Cognomina: Studies in the Nomenclature of Roman Women

    Open access
  • Öberg, Linnéa

    Words and non-words: Vocabulary and phonological working memory in Arabic-Swedish-speaking 4–7-year-olds with and without a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder

    Open access
  • Tang, Gongbo

    Understanding Neural Machine Translation: An investigation into linguistic phenomena and attention mechanisms

    Open access
  • Veikou, Myrto

    Spatial paths to holiness: Literary ‘Lived Spaces’ in Eleventh-Century Byzantine Saints’ Lives

  • Ims, Gunvald

    Conflicted Selves: Ironic Representations of Westernization in Three Twentieth-century Turkish Novels

    Open access
  • Öztekin, Buket

    Typical and atypical language development in Turkish-Swedish bilingual children aged 4–7

    Open access
  • de Lhoneux, Miryam

    Linguistically Informed Neural Dependency Parsing for Typologically Diverse Languages

    Open access
  • Pontoropoulos, Antonios

    Erotic Language and Representations of Desire in the Philostratean Erotic Letters

    Open access
  • Obrtelová, Jaroslava

    From Oral to Written: A Text-linguistic Study of Wakhi Narratives

    Open access
  • Tang, Marc

    A typology of classifiers and gender: From description to computation

    Open access
  • Odyniec, Pawel

    Engaging Advaita: Conceptualising liberating knowledge in the face of Western modernity

    Open access
  • Basirat, Ali

    Principal Word Vectors

    Open access
  • Linderborg, Otto H.

    Herodotus and the Origins of Political Philosophy: The Beginnings of Western Thought from the Viewpoint of its Impending End

    Open access
  • Shao, Yan

    Segmenting and Tagging Text with Neural Networks

    Open access
  • Wilhelmsen, Vera

    A Linguistic Description of Mbugwe with Focus on Tone and Verbal Morphology

    Open access
  • Lindgren, Josefin

    Developing narrative competence: Swedish, Swedish-German and Swedish-Turkish children aged 4–6

    Open access
  • Dubremetz, Marie

    Detecting Rhetorical Figures Based on Repetition of Words: Chiasmus, Epanaphora, Epiphora

    Open access
  • Cherry, Zack

    Aramaic Loanwords in Neo-Assyrian 900–600 B.C.

    Open access
  • Nourzaei, Maryam

    Participant Reference in Three Balochi Dialects: Male and Female Narrations of Folktales and Biographical Tales

    Open access
  • Pettersson, Eva

    Spelling Normalisation and Linguistic Analysis of Historical Text for Information Extraction

    Open access
  • Sjörs, Ambjörn

    The History of Standard Negation in Semitic

    Open access
  • Pakpour, Padideh

    Identity Construction: The Case of Young Women in Rasht

    Open access
  • Morén, Jonathan

    Muṣannifak, Ḥall al-rumūz wa-kashf al-kunūz: Part 2: Sharḥ Risālat al-abrāǧ. Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary

    Open access
  • Seraji, Mojgan

    Morphosyntactic Corpora and Tools for Persian

    Open access
  • Aydin, Sami

    Sergius of Reshaina, Introduction to Aristotle and his Categories, Addressed to Philotheos: Syriac Text, with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary

    Open access
  • Lindgren Hjälm, Mirjam

    Early Christian Arabic Versions of Daniel: A Comparative Study of Early Manuscripts (9th–13th centuries) with a Focus on Translation Techniques in MS Sinai Ar. 1 and MS Sinai Ar. 2

    Open access
  • Dahlberg, Elena

    The Voice of a Waning Empire: Selected Latin Poetry of Magnus Rönnow from the Great Northern War. Edited, with Introduction, Translation and Commentary

    Open access
  • Hardmeier, Christian

    Discourse in Statistical Machine Translation

    Open access
  • Abish, Aynur

    Modality in Kazakh as spoken in China

    Open access
  • Åhman, Hannah Bartonek

    The Hero and the Law: A Study of Silius Italicus' Punica

    Open access
  • Cullhed, Eric

    Eustathios of Thessalonike: Parekbolai on Homer’s Odyssey 1–2: Proekdosis

    Open access
  • Wennberg, Franz

    On the Edge: The Concept of Progress in Bukhara during the Rule of the Later Manghits

    Open access
  • Ekbom, Moa

    The Sortes Vergilianae: A Philological Study

    Open access
  • Karlsson, Mattias

    Early Neo-Assyrian State Ideology: Relations of Power in the Inscriptions and Iconography of Ashurnasirpal II (883–859) and Shalmaneser III (858–824)

    Open access
  • Täckström, Oscar

    Predicting Linguistic Structure with Incomplete and Cross-Lingual Supervision

    Open access
  • Westerlund, Torbjörn

    Finite verbs in Ngarla (Pama-Nyungan, Ngayarta)

  • Thor, Andreas

    Studies on Juvencus' Language and Style

  • Granholm, Patrik

    Alciphron, Letters of the Courtesans: Edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary

    Open access
  • Okati, Farideh

    The Vowel Systems of Five Iranian Balochi Dialects

    Open access
  • Olach, Zsuzsanna

    A Halich Karaim Bible Translation

  • Wang, Luying

    Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Aspect Markers by Native Swedish Adults

    Open access
  • Eriksson, Mats

    The Scholia by Hesychius of Jerusalem on the Minor Prophets: Edited with an Introduction by Mats Eriksson

  • Andersson, Jakob

    Kingship in the Early Mesopotamian Onomasticon 2800–2200 BCE

    Open access
  • Nilsson, Mattias

    Computational Models of Eye Movements in Reading: A Data-Driven Approach to the Eye-Mind Link

    Open access
  • Widmark, Anders

    Voices at the Borders, Prose on the Margins: Exploring the Contemporary Pashto Short Story in a Context of War and Crisis

    Open access
  • Tezel, Sina

    Arabic Borrowings in Ṣūrayt/Ṭūrōyo within the Framework of Phonological Correspondences : In Comparison with other Semitic Languages

  • Serrander, Ulrika

    Bilingual lexical processing in single word production: Swedish learners of Spanish and the effects of L2 immersion

    Open access
  • Saers, Markus

    Translation as Linear Transduction: Models and Algorithms for Efficient Learning in Statistical Machine Translation

    Open access
  • Hagelin, Lisa

    Imperial Freedmen and Roman Society: A study on the social standing of imperial freedmen as expressed in literary and epigraphic sources in the early Roman Empire

  • Barjasteh Delforooz, Behrooz

    Discourse Features in Balochi of Sistan: (Oral Narratives)

    Open access
  • Westberg, David

    Celebrating with Words: Studies in the Rhetorical Works of the Gaza School

  • Kargar, Dariush

    Ardāy-Vīrāf Nāma: Iranian Conceptions of the Other World

    Open access
  • Tikkanen, Karin

    A Comparative Grammar of Latin and the Sabellian Languages: The System of Case Syntax

  • Nyström, Eva

    Containing Multitudes: Codex Upsaliensis Graecus 8 in Perspective

    Open access
  • Björk, Ingrid

    Relativizing linguistic relativity: Investigating underlying assumptions about language in the neo-Whorfian literature

    Open access
  • Stenborg, Georg

    Emmo: De qualitate caelestis patriae libri tres.: Edition with an Introduction.

  • Eskhult, Josef

    Andreas Norrelius' Latin translation of Johan Kemper's Hebrew commentary on Matthew edited with introduction and philological commentary

    Open access
  • Sjökvist, Peter

    The Early Latin Poetry of Sylvester Johannis Phrygius: Edited, with Introduction, Translation and Commentary

    Open access
  • Ferrer i Serra, Jordi

    Remaining Like a Sword, Alone: Prolegomena

  • Davidovich, Tal

    The Mystery of the House of Royal Women

  • Axenov, Serge

    The Balochi Language of Turkmenistan: A corpus-based grammatical description

  • Sjödin, Anna-Pya

    The Happening of Tradition: Vallabha on Anumāna in Nyāyalīlāvatī

    Open access
  • Folkeryd, Jenny W.

    Writing with an Attitude: Appraisal and student texts in the school subject of Swedish

    Open access
  • Öquist, Gustav

    Evaluating Readability on Mobile Devices

    Open access
  • af Geijerstam, Åsa

    Att skriva i naturorienterande ämnen i skolan

    Open access
  • Edling, Agnes

    Abstraction and authority in textbooks: The textual paths towards specialized language

    Open access
  • Ottosson Bitar, Astrid

    “I Can Do Nothing against the Wish of the Pen”: Studies in the Short Stories of Widād Sakākīnī

  • Bani-Shoraka, Helena

    Language Choice and Code-Switching in the Azerbaijani Community in Tehran: A conversation analytic approach to bilingual practices

  • Fallahzadeh, Mehrdad

    Persian Writing on Music: A study of Persian musical literature from 1000 to 1500 AD

    Open access
  • Hashabeiky, Forogh

    Persian Orthography: Modification or Changeover? (1850-2000)

    Open access
  • Sperber, Ingrid

    Studies in Hiberno-Latin Hagiography

  • Örneholm, Urban

    Four Eighteenth-century Medical Dissertations under the Presidency of Nils Rosén: Edited and translated, with an introduction and commentary by Urban Örneholm

  • Tiedemann, Jörg

    Recycling Translations: Extraction of Lexical Data from Parallel Corpora and their Application in Natural Language Processing

    Open access
  • Lahdo, Ablahad

    The Arabic Dialect of Tillo in the Region of Siirt: (south-eastern Turkey)

  • Iordanoglou, Dimitrios

    Literary Loves: Interpretations of Dioscorides 1-5 and 7 G-P

  • Fredriksson Adman, Anna

    Heymericus de Campo: Dyalogus super Reuelacionibus beate Birgitte: A Critical Edition with an Introduction

    Open access
  • Sauma, Assad

    Gregory Bar-Hebraeus's Commentary on the Book of Kings from his Storehouse of Mysteries: A Critical Edition with an English Translation, Introduction and Notes

  • Billing-Ottosson, Ann-Marie

    Magister Mathias Lincopensis, Exposicio super Apocalypsim: Edited with an Introduction by Ann-Marie Billing-Ottosson

  • Lindquist, Torkel

    A War of Words

  • Tezel, Aziz

    Comparative Etymological Studies in the Western Neo-Syriac (Turoyo) Lexicon: With Special Reference to Homonyms, Related Words and Borrowings with Cultural Signification

  • Månsson, Anette

    Passage to a new wor(l)d: Exile and restoration in Mahmoud Darwish's writings 1960-1995

  • Ahmadzadeh, Hashem

    Nation and Novel: A Study of Persian and Kurdish narrative discourse

  • Fredriksson, Maria

    Esculapius’ De stomacho: Edited with an Introduction, Translation, and Commentary

  • Dahlén, Ashk

    Deciphering the Meaning of Revealed Law: The Sur´shian Paradigm in Shi’i Epistemology

  • Oldsjö, Fredrik

    Tense and Aspect in Caesar's Narrative

  • Taghi, Shokoufeh

    The Two Wings of Wisdom, Mysticism and Philosophy in the Risalat ut-tair of Ibn Sina

    Open access
  • Östlund, Krister

    Johan Ihre on the origins and history of the runes: Three Latin dissertations from the mid 18th century

  • Hasanpoor, Jafar

    A study of European, Persian and Arabic loans in standard Sorani

    Open access
  • Erbes, Johann E.

    The Peshitta and the versions: A study of the Peshitta variants in Joshua 1-5 in relation to their equivalents in the ancient versions

  • Avraham, Gidon

    A bridge of words: A term list based on the study and classification of compounding operations in Avot Yeshurun's later poetry (1974-1992) concerning the notion of bayit (home/house)

    Open access
  • Frennesson, Björn

    "In a common rejoicing": Liturgical communion with angels in Qumran

  • Henriksén, Christer

    Martial, Book IX: A commentary. Vol. 1, Vol. 2

  • Searby, Denis M.

    Aristotle in the Greek gnomological tradition

  • Karlsen, Espen

    The accusativus cum infinitivo and quod clauses in the Revelaciones of St. Bridget of Sweden

  • Liberg, Caroline

    Learning to read and write

    Open access
  • Some aspects of the syntax of Hungarian and Turkish

    A study in syntactic typology Csató, Éva Ágnes

  • A Study of Nominal Sentences in the Oldest Upaniṣads

    Gren-Eklund, Gunilla

    Open access
  • Standardization and Orthography in the Balochi Language

    Jahani, Carina

    Open access