Departmental collaboration with the local community

Collaboration with the Community

The Department of Linguistics and Philology has considerable contact with academia and the surrounding community, sharing with them our passion for research and education.

Collaboration with companies and organizations

The connection between studies and professional work life is an important component within the framwork of our courses and programmes. Students may perform traineeship on location with companies with a profile in language technology, at embassies, in libraries and museums, and in other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We regularly offer students the opportunity  to meet alumni and representatives from businesses so that they can receive up-to-date information regarding the labour market and also attend inspirational lectures.

We also have opportunities for collaboration for both students and researchers through the Swedish Research Institutes in Athens, Istanbul and Rome.

Some of our ongoing research projects also involve collaboration with companies both in Sweden and abroad.

Collaboration with schools and government agencies

The Department of Linguistics and Philology collaborates with local schools and government agencies. We manage both contract education and different research projects.

Together with the other departments in the Faculty of Languages, we help to organize the annual Grammar Day, when upper secondary school students from the municipality pay us a visit, and receive information about language studies and language research as a potential career option.

The employees at the department also regularly participate in public debate by giving comments and interviews with the media. We also offer open lectures on campus and occasionally speak at various activities hosted by other organizations in the community.

For a number of years the department has collaborated with the Interpreter School of the Swedish Armed Forces (TolkS).

Eulalia - an European Project for Latin Linguistic Assessment

For the presentation in English of the international project Eulalia, of which the Department is a partner, please visit:

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