Our Courses and Programmes

If you want to study at our Department, you can choose between elective courses and following a specific program. The Department of Linguistics and Philology offers more than 250 elective courses offering you the ability to create a Bachelor Degree perfectly tailored to your individual interests. You can combine courses offered at our department with courses offered at other departments and even other universities both within Sweden and around the world. It may be helpful to review the Degree requirements and find out which Major and Minor subjects are available.

Our department offers one Bachelor programme (taught in Swedish): Oriental Studies. At the advanced level we offer the Master Programme in Language Technology, and Master's Programme in Turkic Studies, which are both taught in English.

We also offer courses in Swedish Bachelor programmes offered by other departments: Archeology and Ancient History, Languages, Speech and Language Pathology,  and Upper Secondary School Teacher Education.

In addition to these Bachelor programmes, we offer courses taught in English within the Master Programme in Languages.

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Last modified: 2023-03-08