Kandidatuppsatser i språkteknologi

The Bachelor theses in Language Technology are worth 15 credit points. (Before the Bologna reform, the theses in Language Technology were generally presented as Magister theses in Computational Linguistics. See list.)

Jimmy Callin The Distribution of Mood: An Exploration of Distributional Compositions in Sentiment Classification [pdf]
Daniel Lindmark Methods for lean, precision-oriented, and targeted coreference resolution [pdf]
Arvid Lindahl och Amanda Österholm En prototyp för röststyrning i mobiltelefon [pdf]
Martin Kjellin Automatic Generation of Post-Editing Rule Sets from Parallel Corpora [pdf]
Maria Jönsson Utvärdering av en tf-idf-modell med semantisk klassificering [pdf]
Erik Sterneberg Language Identification of Person Names using Cascaded SVMs [pdf]
Lina Stadell Integrating a dependency parser into a system for machine translation [pdf]
Viktoriya Kotelevskaya Evaluating and Improving an Automatic Sentiment Analysis System [pdf]
Stefan Block A comparison of three part-of-speech taggers [pdf]
Anna Eriksson Locating redundant segments using a translation memory, Transit NXT [pdf]