Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia

ISSN 0283-1244

Editors: Lennart Rydén (1986–1996), Jan Olof Rosenqvist (1996–2010), Ingela Nilsson (2010–)

Assistant editors: Eric Cullhed (2014–)

Editorial committee: Geoffrey Greatrex (Ottawa), Michael Grünbart (Münster), Karin Hult (Göteborg), Paul Stephenson (Nijmegen)

Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia is a peer reviewed series that publishes monographs, anthologies, editions and translations in the field of Byzantine studies. The initiative for the series was taken by Lennart Rydén (19312002) and the first volume was published in 1986. Rydén's keen interest in hagiography soon came to characterize the series, but it was his intention also to include other branches of Byzantine research. In accordance with this aspiration, an expansion of the scope of Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia has been undertaken in recent years. The series thus aims at including all aspects of Byzantine studies, ranging from textual criticism and codicology to literary studies, art history, and material culture.

Scholars interested in publishing their work in the series may contact the editor ( for further information on the procedure.

Orders should always be addressed to Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

  1. The Life of St Irene abbess of Chrysobalanton. A critical edition with introduction, translation, notes and indices by Jan Olof ROSENQVIST (1986) ISBN 91-554-1935-6 [order]
  2. Gnomica Basileensia. Edited by Jan Fredrik KINDSTRAND (1991) ISBN 91-554-2779-0 [order]
  3. Vincent DÉROCHE, Études sur Léontios de Néapolis (1995) ISBN 91-554-3586-6 [order]
  4. (1) The Life of St Andrew the Fool. Edited by Lennart RYDÉN, vol. 1, Introduction, testimonies and Nachleben. Indices (1995) ISBN 91-554-3652-8 [order]
    (2) The Life of St Andrew the Fool. Edited by Lennart RYDÉN, vol. 2, Text, translation and notes. Appendices (1995) ISBN 91-554-3653-6 [order]
  5. The hagiographic dossier of St Eugenios of Trebizond in codex Athous Dionysiou 154. A critical edition with introduction, translation, commentary and indexes by Jan Olof ROSENQVIST (1996) ISBN 91-554-3787-7 [order]
  6. Leimōn. Studies presented to Lennart Rydén on his sixty-fifth birthday. Edited by Jan Olof ROSENQVIST (1996) ISBN 91-554-3813-X [order]
  7. Ingela NILSSON, Erotic pathos, rhetorical pleasure. Narrative technique and mimesis in Eumathios Makrembolites' Hysmine and Hysminias (2001) ISBN 91-554-4970-0 [order]
  8. The Life of St Philaretos the Merciful written by his grandson Niketas. A critical edition with introduction, translation, notes, and indices by Lennart RYDÉN (2002) ISBN 91-554-5200-0 [order]
  9. Stavroula CONSTANTINOU, Female corporeal performances. Reading the body in Byzantine passions and lives of holy women (2005) ISBN 91-554-6292-8 [order]
  10. Saint Daniel of Sketis. A group of hagiographic texts edited with introduction, translation, and commentary by Britt DAHLMAN (2007) ISBN 978-91-554-6893-4 [order]
  11. Eva NYSTRÖM, Containing multitudes. Codex Upsaliensis Graecus 8 in perspective (2009) ISBN 978-91-554-7501-7 [order] [fulltext]
  12. Dōron rhodopoikilon. Studies in honour of Jan Olof Rosenqvist. Edited by Denis Searby, Ewa Balicka-Witakowska & Johan Heldt (2012) ISBN 978-91-554-8107-0 [order]
  13. Byzantine gardens and beyond. Edited by Helena Bodin & Ragnar Hedlund (2013) ISBN 978-91-554-8627-3 [order] [read more]
  14. Fedir ANDROSHCHUK, Vikings in the East. Essays on contacts along the road to Byzantium (800–1100) (2013) ISBN 978-91-554-8815-4 [order]
  15. Wanted: Byzantium. The desire for a lost empire. Edited by Ingela Nilsson & Paul Stephenson (2014) ISBN 978-91-554-8915-1 [order]